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Torrie Wilson - Filmography

Torrie Wilson's filmography as Herself

Year Movie Name
2005WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 (VG) (voice)
2005WWE Unforgiven (V)
2005WWE Day of Reckoning 2 (VG) (Graphical likeness)
2005Summerslam (V) WWE Great American Bash (V)
2005WWE Viva Las Divas (V)
2005WrestleMania 21 (V)
2005WWE Hall of Fame 2005 (V)
2005WWE No Way Out (V)
2005WWE Royal Rumble (TV)
2005WWE Tough Enough Download (V)
2004WWE Armageddon (V)
2004WWE SmackDown! Vs. Raw (VG) (voice)
2004WWE Great American Bash (V)
2004WWE Judgment Day (V)
2004John Cena: Word Life (V)
2004WWE Wrestlemania XX (V)
2004WWE No Way Out (V)
2004WWE Divas: South of the Border (V) (as Torrie)
2003WWE Vengeance (V)
2003WWE Divas: Desert Heat (V)
2003WWE Judgment Day (V)
2003WWE Backlash (V)
2003Wrestlemania XIX (2003/I) (V)
2003Girls Gone Wild: Live From Spring Break (V)
2003Royal Rumble (V) ... aka WWE Royal Rumble (USA)
2003Before They Were WWE Superstars 2 (V)
2003Rey Mysterio: 619 (V)
2003WWE: Trish Stratus - 100% Stratusfaction (V)
2002"WWE Velocity" TV Series (2002-2005)
2002WWE Armageddon (V)
2002WWE Rebellion (V)
2002WWE No Mercy (V)
2002WWE Global Warning Tour: Melbourne (V)
2002WWE Divas: Undressed (TV)
2002WWF Backlash (V) WWF Divas: Tropical Pleasure (V) (as Torrie)
2002WWF Divas: Sex on the Beach (TV) (as Torrie)
2001Survivor Series (V) WWF Rebellion (V)
2001WWF No Mercy (V)
2001WWF Unforgiven (V) "WWF Excess" TV Series Invasion (V) WCW Sin (V)
2000WCW Halloween Havoc (V) "WCW Monday Nitro" (1995) TV Series (1999-2000)
1999WCW Mayhem (V)
1999"WWF Smackdown!" TV Series (2001-2005)
1999"WWF Jakked" TV Series (2001-2002)
1998"WCW Thunder" TV Series (1999-2000)
1998"WWF Metal" TV Series (2001-2002)
1997"Raw Is War" TV Series (2001-2002; 2005-)
1997"Sunday Night Heat" TV Series (2001-2002; 2005-)

Torrie Wilson's Notable TV Guest Appearances

Year TV Programme
2003WWE Armageddon (V)
12 March 2004"10 Things Every Guy Should Experience" (episode # 1.2)
12 November 2003"RI:SE"
5 July 2003"WWE Confidential"
31 August 2002"SM:TV Live"

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