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Siena Miller - Quotes

  1. "The secret is to know what youīre doing. And then every other person will notice that you know. No matter what Iīm wearing, I try to always make it look casually, but never arbitrary. Never ostentatious." - On her style secrets.

  2. "I think American men are more conscious of putting up a good impression. There's more of an earthiness to Englishmen. But Americans aren't afraid to come up and say, `Hi, I'd like to go out with you.' Englishmen are far more sheepish about it."

  3. "I'm English, definitely. I don't feel like I'm American in any way."

  4. "I went to an all-girls boarding school for most of my youth. We used to do stupid, fun girly things like pull tights over our faces and streak through the lacrosse pitch. And once I snogged the gardener."

  5. "I'm very happy about it to be really honest! But I think it's as a result of being scrutinised because of the relationship that I'm in. If it was because of the work, it would be more justified." - On her newfound fame.

  6. "Style is definitely a combination of place, occasion, surroundings, body and mood. And to be honest, I sometimes donīt spare neither trouble nor expense. Fortunately I can afford to do so now, but style doesnīt mean you have to stick to all-brands-looks. The thing is, you canīt buy style and you can only slowly learn it."

  7. "Men's traditional view of sexiness isn't sexy. It shouldn't be so obvious: push-up bras and miniskirts? Sexiness, to me, is when people are comfortable with themselves."

  8. "I know people compare me to Kate [Moss] a lot after that media hype started. But itīs not that I'm trying to get her look, truly not. But I like what sheīs wearing and we seem to share taste to a certain extent."

  9. "I've wanted to be an actress for as long as I can remember, and I can say I was almost born in the theatre. My mum went into labour while she was watching the Nut-Cracker Suite in New York - apparently I was kicking like mad"
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