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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicknames: Nic

Birth Date: 20 June 1967

Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Height: 5' 10"

Sign: Gemini

Education: High School Drop-out

Ex-Husband : Tom Cruise

Profession: Actress, model

Claim to fame: as Nat la gitane in Dobermann (1997)

Contact Information:
C/O Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

"I love acting but I don't like all of the other stuff associated with it. The interest in celebrities, the press, the Internet, when your identity becomes mixed up in the way people are preceving you."
- Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman will be honored by the United Nations as its Citizen of the World, an award given to her for her humanitarian efforts. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will present her with the award.

Nicole Kidman is an actress who was accredited to playing adorning parts for years and was known primarily for her real-life role as the wife of Tom Cruise. Nicole Kidman can come across as a pretty intense person. People tend to see her as unpleasant, as she once had the reputation of an ice queen who takes herself way too seriously. This may very well be the truth, but we suspect it might be a faade she puts on to protect her privacy. After all, she's had to contend with stardom, a high-profile divorce, and a celebrity stalker. One can understand her aversion to the public eye. Nicole Kidman remains a truly gifted actress who relishes challenges.

Nicole Kidman takes each assignment seriously, she even learned to write with her right hand for her role in The Hours and spent time with battered women in preparation for The Human Stain in the year 2003. Nicole also puts her intelligence and interest in politics to good use as a crusader against child abuse.

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