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Natalie Portman - Filmography

Natalie Portman's filmography as Actress

Year Movie Name Director Role
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium2006Zach HelmMahoney
Goya's Ghosts2006Milos FormanAlicia/Ines
V For Vendetta2005James McTeigueEvey Hammond
Free Zone2005Amos GitaiRebecca
Closer2004Mike NicholsAlice/Jane
Star Wars: Episode 32003George LucasPadme
Garden State2003Zach BraffSamantha
Cold Mountain2002Anthony MinghellaSara
True - part of "Paris, je t'aime"2002Tom TykwerFrancine
Domino One (Student film)2002Nick LouvelDominique
Zoolander (Cameo)2000Ben StillerNatalie Portman
Star Wars: Episode 22000George LucasAmidala
Where the heart is1999Matt WilliamsNovalee Nation
Anywhere but here1998Wayne WangAnn August
Star Wars: Episode 11997George LucasAmidala/Padme
Everyone says I Love You1996Woody AllenLaura Dandridge
Mars Attacks!1995Tim BurtonTaffy Dale
Heat1995Michael MannLauren Gustafson
Beautiful Girls1995Ted DemmeMarty
Developing (Student short-film)1994Marya CohnNina
Leon (The Professional)1993Luc BessonMathilda

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