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Metallica - Quotes

Folowing are some quotes about metallica band members and about band itself. Most of these quotes are from music lyrics of the metallica band.

  • I have lost the will to live.
    Simply nothing more to give.
    There is nothing more for me.
    Need the end to set me free.
    - Metallica, Fade to Black

  • And it comes to be That the soothing light at the end of your tunnel Is just a freight train coming your way
    - Metallica, No Leaf Clover

  • Oh God,help Me Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
    Oh Please God Help Me
    - Metallica, One--submitted by Strider

  • If you can understand the me, than I can understand the you
    - Metallica, The unforgiven II

  • She loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love again
    - Metallica, The Unforgiven II

  • Boredom comes from a boring mind....
    - Metallica

  • "All the people doing illegal things here, whether with good or bad intentions, we are not going after individual fans," he said. "Metallica has always felt fans are family."
    - Metallica : James Hetfield (singer)

  • Family? Yeah, kind of like how I feel when my relatives give me money.
    - Metallica : James Hetfield (singer)
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