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Metallica - Biography

Metallica's Biography

The most famous band of American people called Metallica band was formed in 1981 in California, USA. The founder of this band is Lars Ulrich who was born on 26 December at Copenhagen, Denmark. The instrument that he is handling is drums. The another former of this group is James Alan Hetfield born on 3 August 1963 at USA and uses instrument Guitar.

The band recorded their first song "No Life Til Leather" with Lloyd Grand. In January 1982 he was replaced by David Mustaine born on 13th September 1961 at La Mesa, California, USA. But his work was not so satisfactory for the group former. The other team member Jef Warner and Ron McGovney are good performer in the group.

Genre of Metallica Band:

  • Thrash Metal
  • Speed Metal
  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy metal
By the end of year 1982 Clifford lee Burton signed the contract with the band. He was born on 10th February 1962 at USA and dead on 27th September 1986. He was playing on bass and played his first live born 5th March 1983. After that David Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett from San Francisco, California, USA who was born on 18th November 1962.

Kirk Hammett is playing with rock Band Exodus and performed his first concert for Mettalica on 16 April 1983. After the death of Burton the remaining three metallica members elected Jason Newsted as their fourth parterner. He played his first show for them on 8 November 1986.

Some of Metallica band's no 1 super hit albums are ...And Justice For All, Kill 'Em All, Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, Black, Load, Reload, Garage Inc, S&M.

Here is the listing of Metallica bands current members :

  • James Hetfield - Instrument: Vocals, guitar. Project: Leather Charm, Obsession.
  • Lars Ulrich - Instrument: Drums.
  • Kirk Hammett - Instrument: Guitar (Exodus)
  • Robert Trujillo - Instrument: Bass. Project: Black Label Society, Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy Osbourne.
Here is the listing of Metallica bands Ex members :
  • Ron McGovney [1981-1982] - Instrument: Bass.
  • Cliff Burton [1982-1986] - Instrument: Bass. Died in 1986
  • Dave Mustaine [1982-1983] - Instrument: Guitar.
  • Jason Newsted [1986-2001] - Instrument: Bass
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