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Metallica Bandnames: Metallica, Rock Band

Band Started on: October 28th, 1981

Band Started in: California, USA

Band Started by: Lars Ulrich and James Alan Hetfield

Nationality: American

Best Known As: The heavy metal band who did 'Enter Sandman'

Profession: Band

Metalica is an American Trash metal rock band. It was formed on 28th October in 1981 at California, USA by Lars Ulrich Who is born on 26 December 1963, Copenhagen, Denmark and James Alan Hetfield who is born on 3 August 1963, USA.

In 1981, drummer Lars Ulrich makes guitar player/singer James Hetfield the offer for the 'Metallica' band foramation. These two recorded their first track on a cheap recorder with James performing singing duties, rhythm guitar duties and bass guitar duties.

Also Lars dutifully pounded the drums, helped with musical arrangements. Hetfield's friend and housemate Ron McGoveny was eventually talked into taking up bass and Dave Mustaine took lead guitar duties. They eventually recorded a full-fledged demo called 'No Life Til Leather'.

Then they circulated demo in the near by as well as abroad by Lars and his metal tape-trading buddies. 'No Life Til Leather' stirred up some interest in the underground metal community and the band started getting attention, specially in 'San Francisco' and 'New York'.

metallica is a garage band which is at the basement of Kirks. They had relesed 2 garage albums and put out a smattering of cover songs as B-sides. These garage days albums are very rare and collectable. The album was titled Garage Inc. as it incorporates All the previously-recorded garage cover songs along with the 11 tracks.

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