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Hilary Swank - Quotes

  1. "I grew up in a trailer park in Bellingham, Washington."

  2. "I haven't tucked a sock in my pants for three years."

  3. "I don't know what I did in this life to deserve all of this. I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream."

  4. "I'm only twenty-seven, and I'm not easy to pigeonhole. But if you need to do that, if it makes you feel comfortable, okay, fine."

  5. "I can remember crying on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 after being released from the show a few years ago."

  6. "The truth is, after Boys Don't Cry, I realized how few and far between the great roles are. I am beyond thankful for finding Million Dollar Baby."

  7. "One thing I've learned - You never know where life is taking you, but it's taking you."

  8. "Being a teenager was a horrid time."

  9. "I used the subway all the time. It's my form of transportation, ... because it's quick. It's inexpensive."

  10. "I could do half a pull-up when I first started training, ... I literally, I tried to pull myself up, and I was shaking. And I couldn't do it. And I couldn't believe it. I thought, you know, and as a kid, you had, doing pull-ups and stuff. And then when I was done, I could do 11."

  11. "I had to fight my whole life to break out."

  12. "[She didn't tell Eastwood what had happened.] I didn't tell Clint, because in the end, that's what happens to boxers, ... They get blisters, they get infected. They have injuries and they keep pushing through it."

  13. "I ended up dropping out of high school. I'm a high school dropout, which I'm not proud to say, ... I had some teachers that I still think of fondly and were amazing to me. But I had other teachers who said, 'You know what? This dream of yours is a hobby. When are you going to give it up?' I had teachers who I could tell didn't want to be there. And I just couldn't get inspired by someone who didn't want to be there."

  14. "In terms of property damage, ... the estimate is at least $26 billion in insured losses and perhaps twice that in uninsured losses over a 90,000-square-mile area - approximately the size of Kansas."
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