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Hilary Duff - Quotes

  • Mom always tells me to celebrate everyone's uniqueness. I like the way that sounds.

  • My life is very crazy and busy, but I love it that way.

  • Being with my families helped me a lot. You know, my sister, my mom and my dad had been really great.

  • My sister started doing it, so of course I had to start doing it --everything she does, I do!

  • No, I'm not! I'm not a tomboy! I love my makeup! That's not true! I'm not a tomboy

  • I know this is going to sound really lame and stuff but, whoa, this has been the best day of my life!

  • I've seen just alot of my friends trying to raise money and trying to help. And being really thankful of what they have right now.

  • It was fun, but a little embarrassing with everyone watching... and a camera.

  • There's so many great people! Justin Timberlake is pretty hot. And I like Britney Spears a lot.

  • It's really amazing you know, people coming together and helping and donations and everything.

  • There was some mess that went on, but Aaron and I are cool; Lindsay and I are cool--everything's all good.

  • Thanks for letting me sign your wall!

  • [On shoes] I keep most of the in the garage. My absolute favorite pair are my green Marc Jacobs shoes.

  • If you meet my mom and you really know my mom, she is the nicest person, but she's smart, she isn't going to let anyone take advantage or let anything bad happen to us [Hilary is reffering to her older sister Haylie]. When people say that she is taking control of my career, I'm like "Well, yeah, I'm 15, who else is supposed to do it?

  • I have to follow what I feel is right for me. You just have to make sure you always pick great projects.

  • I know I can handle dramatic roles, but I don't think I should have to play a young mother on crack to prove it.
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