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Clint Eastwood - Biography

Clint Eastwood biography

Clint Eastwood (Clinton Eastwood Jr.) was born on 31 May 1930 in San Francisco, California, USA to Clinton Eastwood Sr. and Margaret Ruth Runner. He is the only child to his parents. Clint's family is of Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and English descent.

His father is steel worker in the San Francisco Bay Area for some time. His family has spent much of the decade in motion. Clint has attended Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, CA. While at Oakland one of his teachers assigned him a part in a play. Clint played it and enjoyed it.

In 1951, Clint was drafted by Army during the Korean War. His basic training was done at Fort Ord on the Monterey Bay, California. Clint was supposed to be sent for war in Korea. When he was on trip home to Seattle to meet parents and girlfriend, on the ride back the plane developed engine trouble and was forced to make water landing off San Francisco. Causing him to swim over a mile. Due to this he has appointed as a swimming instructor instead of being sent to Korea. During his duty at Ft. Ord, Clint met ther with fellow soldiers and actors Martin Milner, David Janssen, and Richard Long.

Clint discharged from Army in 1953. Later Eastwood moved to Southern California, where attended Los Angeles City College, excelled in drama and business administration under the G.I. Bill. In 1995, Clint appeared as an actor in films: "Revenge of the Creature", "Tarantula" and "Francis in the Navy". While he got the first big break in 1959 with long-running TV series, "Rawhide". He had also made the show his own and got the attention of every American.

Eastwood got bigger role in Sergio Leone's "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964), and followed by "For a Few Dollars More" (1965). While with his third film with Leone, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (1966) he found one of his trademark roles. All these three films become hit and with this Clint become the international star.

Clint got many roles with the "tough guy" mold. Eastwood's later movies include "Where Eagles Dare" (1968), "Paint Your Wagon" (1969), "Kelly's Heroes" (1970). In 1971, Clint directed and starred in the thriller "Play Misty for Me" (1971). It was his one of his best films. While the later film in the same year called "The Beguiled" (1971) was one of his few box-office failures. While "Dirty Harry" in 1971, where Clint played a role of hard-edged police inspector Harry Callahan was the big hit.

Clint has played many Western and thriller roles including the sequel of Dirty Harry: "Magnum Force" (1973), "The Enforcer" (1976), "Sudden Impact" (1983), and "The Dead Pool" (1988). With this western genre Eastwood played "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976) and "High Plains Drifter" (1973).

In 1974, Eastwood starred in the "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" with Jeff Bridges. People liked the chemistry between Eastwood and Bridges and it was one of the biggest hits of 1974. "The Eiger Sanction" in 1975, in which he performed his own rock climbing stunts and film become a cult classic in the rock climbing community. In 1978, appeared in comedy "Every Which Way But Loose".

His later movies include "Pink Cadillac" (1989), "The Rookie" (1990) which was not so successful. In 1988, Eastwood directed "Bird" and "White Hunter, Black Heart" in 1990. In 1992, Clint directed and starred in "Unforgiven" as a ex-gunfighter. The film earned nine Oscar nominations while own four including Best Picture and Best Director for Eastwood.

The very next year he played a guilt-ridden Secret Service agent in the thriller "In the Line of Fire". In the same year directed and starred along with Kevin Costner in "A Perfect World." Later as a director he has given many movies like "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (1997), "Mystic River" (2003), and "Million Dollar Baby" (2004). For Million Dollar Baby, he again gained the Best Director Oscar Award.

Personal Life
Clint has married Dina Ruiz on March 31, 1996 in Las Vegas. Clint also married Maggie Johnson in December 1953, while separetd in 1979 and divorced in 1982. Clint was also engaged with Roxanne Tunis, Jacelyn Reeves, Frances Fisher and Sondra Locke. Clint has five daughters and two sons from five different women.

  • Kimber (from Roxanne Tunis)
  • Kyle and Alison (from Maggie Johnson)
  • Scott and Kathryn (from Jacelyn Reeves)
  • Francesca Ruth (from Frances Fisher)
  • and Morgan (from current wife Dina Ruiz),
  • while he ha no child with Sondra Locke.
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