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Anna Nicole Smith's Biography

Anna Nicole Smith was born on 28th November 1967. Her birth name was Vickie Lynn Hogan. Anna's father left her family when Anna was a child. Anna was then brought up by her mother and aunt. Anna was 17 when she married Billy Smith. The same year Anna gave birth to a son, but her marriage was not a success as she got divorced in two years after the marriage in 1987. As a single mother she needed to support her son, for which Anna worked at very low paid jobs. Then she moved to exotic dancing in topless bars. It was here where she began to realise that her body was her asset and that people in the bar loved it. Anna had a breast surguery to increase the size, as she was watched more for a rear. The surgery gave Anna a 38-27-38 figure, which within two years rocked the world of entertainment, modelling and filmdom.

When working in topless bars Anna Nicole Smith got into a regular visitor who was an oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall also a billionaire to mention. It was his money which Anna used for Breast Surgery. Anna's career started when she posed for Playboy March 1992 in a low cut gown. Then she posed nude for Playboy in May 1992. Anna was titled the Playboy playmate of the year 1993. From here there was no stopping for her. Anna Nichole got engaged in movies like Hudsucker Proxy and Naked Gun 33 1/3, which made her name in hollywood but in acting classes, she was unable put the right gear.

In August 1995, Anna married J. Howard Marshall, who was 60 years elder to Anna. Though their relationship was for the name sake as they never lived together, Anna meanwhile was rumored to be having relationship with other people. Within an year J. Howard Marshall passed leaving behind his 1.6 billion property to his heirs. Anna Nicole Smith was not included in his will statement, which he changed after marrying Anna. She then filed for justice to get half the property, while the heirs of Howard family , Pierce Howard stood against her for mistreating his father in his last days. The trial has passed through various stages and is still on a run from the last decade. Anna was granted some $449,754,134 by the Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge in 2001. However Pierce appealed and the statement was taken back. At present Supreme Court has recently favored Anna to have the right to fight for herself. The trial seems to be never ending one as Anna again needs to start afresh.

The litigation process took a long time and mental pressure of Anna during which her career stalled. She was put in the class of softcore porn movies after Skyscrapper. Besides her increasing weight and her acts of bizarre kept her in news. She was given her own reality show, The anna nicole show which dealt with her personal and professional life. The show was rated the highest on the network but the show was blasted by critics reducing the rating each week. The show was finally closed in 2004.

Recently on June 1, 2006 Anna has announced that she is pregnant for 6 months on her official website. She currently is a spokesperson for TrimSpa.

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